Production Farming



  • Diagnostic services and treatment
  • Pregnancy Testing (manual or portable ultrasound back pack scanner)
  • Metrichecking
  • Non-cycling programmes
  • Heifer synchronization programmes
  • Health Check Trace Element programmes
  • Live animal liver biopsies
  • Lameness services and preventative hoof trimming
  • Repro WOF
  • Calf Debudding
  • Inhouse Bulk Somatic Cell Counting
  • Farm staff training
  • Grade busting
  • Mastitis solutions
  • Bull fertility testing
  • Bull vasectomy
  • Inhibitory substance testing
  • Milk culture and sensitivity
  • Vaccination and worming programmes



  • Pregnancy Testing (manual or portable ultrasound back pack scanner)
  • Foetal ageing
  • Trace Element Programmes
  • Live animal liver biopsies
  • Animal Health Programmes
  • Bull soundness examinations
  • Stress free Castration and Dehorning
  • Parasite management Programmes
  • Synchronization of heat for AI programmes



  • Faecal egg counting
  • FECRT (testing drenches)
  • Trace Element Programmes
  • Live animal liver biopsies
  • Ram Soundness Examinations
  • Vasectomising rams to create teasers
  • Animal Health Programmes
  • Parasite Management Programmes



  • TB Management
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Embryo Transfer Services
  • Planned Animal Health Programmes
  • Velvetting
  • Velvet assessment of farmers
  • AI Programmes

Disease Management


  • TB Management

Lifestyle Farming

alpacaClose to town or a little further out, at BayVets our services to keep your lifestyle farm in check are:

  • Diagnostic Services and Treatment
  • Advice on nutrition and trace element supplementation
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Reproduction
  • Alpaca Services


DSC01230-OptimizedWe can provide you with a comprehensive professional range of services for all equine requirements:

  • Diagnostic services and treatment
  • Dentistry
  • Field surgeries like castrations and hernias
  • Basic x-rays
  • Vaccination programmes
  • Worming management
  • Event vetting
  • Freeze branding
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Fitness profiles


DSCN8838-OptimizedFins or fur, big or small your companion animal is part of your family! At Vets4Petz all of the following services will keep that special friend of yours healthy and happy:

  • Consultations and Diagnostic Services
  • Preventative vaccination programmes
  • Pediatric and Geriatric nutritional advice
  • Behavioural Consultations
  • Breeding advice
  • Export certificates
  • High-quality Radiographic facilities
  • Ultrasound pregnancy scanning
  • Surgeries including routine sterilizations and orthopedic work
  • In-house blood testing for sick animals and pre-anaesthetic checks
  • Full anaesthetic monitoring including blood pressure, pulse oximetry and ECG
  • Medical workups and treatment for conditions such as diabetes, thyroid and kidney problems
  • Oncology (cancer treatment)
  • Ophthalmology (eye disorders)
  • Isolation facilities for animals with more infectious diseases
  • Hospitalization and intensive nursing care
  • Retail pet supplies including pet foods and flea products
  • Weight loss programme with regular weighings with our nurses
  • Nail Clips
  • Referral services available for all areas
  • Home visits